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Nurturing and Empowering Our Sons: Healing the Wounds of an Anti-Boy Culture by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended (2023)

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Are you worried about your son? Your grandson? Your young male clients?

Our boys and young men have been crying out to us for help, but their cries are in the form of nature’s alarms signaling their distress: Behavioral, learning, and emotional problems; behavioral and chemical addictions; failure-to-launch; gender dysphoria; apathy; violence and criminal behavior; and suicide.

This book will bring you on a bewildering, breathtaking journey through the traumatic primal wounds suffered by our Millennial and Generation Z sons and the socio-political, digital, neuro-chemical, and endocrine dangers hijacking their holistic wellbeing. This journey takes mothers and fathers by the hand through step-by-step principles, actions, advocacy, and treatments that will actually help their sons heal.

Nurturing and Empowering Our Sons provides the puzzle pieces, insights, and solutions missing from other books about boys. It shifts the focus from the problem being within the boy to our society being out of alignment with nature’s intent for the boy’s optimal development. It boldly tackles tough topics like male body shaming, male victims of sexual assault, circumcision, psychiatric drugging, sexism against males, the male suicide epidemic, and many more.

This book is packed with citations and covers historical, anthropological, scientific, socio-political, and current topics pertaining to our sons. It is written in a sensitive, incremental, conversational format, interwoven with bullet points, lists, quotes, graphics, and case examples. It also features insights and final interviews from Laurie’s adoptive son, Brycen, an extreme child trauma victim who succumbed to suicide at age 23.

Nurturing and Empowering Our Sons is a deep-dive into Laurie A. Couture’s “nature’s intent” philosophy. It offers hope and is packed with guidance on neuro-somatic trauma healing, attachment repair, unschooling, alternative education, holistic health practices, adjunct therapies, direct advocacy, opportunities for family fun and community involvement, and so much more! It covers boys ages pre-birth to mid-20s with mild, moderate, severe, and extreme behavioral healthcare needs and includes a special chapter for guiding the behavior of special needs sons without using behavioral modification techniques.

Instead of Medicating and Punishing: Healing the Causes of Our Children’s Acting-Out Behavior by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended (2008)

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This book immediately hones in and laser-focuses on the simple, yet overlooked roots of why children act-out and exhibit complex emotional, behavioral, and learning problems, including violence. Instead of Medicating and Punishing guides parents (and professionals) in immediate positive changes they can make to begin the healing process without medication, punishment, permissiveness, or behavioral modification. Mild to severe behavioral, emotional, and learning problems in children can be healed by restoring homeostasis in the child, healing attachment, treating developmental trauma at the brain-body level, and via unschooling, relaxed homeschooling, or other alternative education program.

This book is an introductory primer of Laurie A. Couture’s “nature’s intent” philosophy of working with children, youths, and families, written in a down-to-earth format for easy digestion and simple understanding of advanced scientific and anthropological concepts (Readers have ranged in age from 12 to 90!). Readers will gain an overview of the natural wisdom that our peaceful Paleolithic ancestors took for granted about parenting, childhood development, and learning—and how children’s brains are wired by nature to need the opposite of nearly everything we have been raised and taught to believe in our culture about child rearing, education, and mental healthcare.

Instead of Medicating and Punishing is for mothers, fathers, family members, and professionals who wonder why our children don’t seem to feel or act better in spite of the “tools”, “techniques”, “treatments”, diagnoses, medications, and “programs” peddled by “experts”. This book covers children from pre-birth to late adolescence (20+) with mild, moderate, or severe behavioral health problems. It contains special chapters for adoptive parents and/or parents of children with extreme trauma and attachment breaks.

The Couture Protocol (TCPC)

Under Development Now!

The Couture Protocol revolutionizes behavioral healthcare treatment to a model that understands behavioral, emotional, and academic struggles as natural alarms signaling unnatural environments, unmet developmental needs, attachment disruption, and childhood developmental trauma—often generational. It incorporates the principles of nature’s cycles of homeostasis, mammal attachment, and the parenting and educational practices of non-violent Paleolithic cultures. TCPC nurtures 12 dimensions of “whole-child” holistic healing for youth clients and their families by integrating:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Neuro-somatic trauma treatment
  • Parent-child attachment repair
  • Holistic health and development
  • Developmentally appropriate practice—especially PLAY
  • Alternative education

TCPC’s medication-free approach deviates from behavioral modification and focuses treatment on restoring homeostasis to the youth client and his or her family. This model is appropriate for children and youths ages zero through mid-20s and their parents or committed primary caregivers. TCPC will have separate manuals and versions for licensed mental health professionals, unlicensed human services workers and life coaches, and parents.